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Friday, January 04, 2008

A new year, a new goal...

I've joined my first "-Along"; any guesses?

It's the ABC-Along, started by Vicki-Knitorious. I really enjoyed the 2006 version, and look forward to challenge myself to blog at least every two weeks for the whole year. I'm already trying to figure out some good topics for every letter....

Winter has us strongly in it's grasp, and the snow is very deep around here. I'm glad the holidays are over, and I need to start working on some of those New Year's resolutions- lose weight, clean house, blog, lots of knitting...

I still have to finish a scarf that I'm working on for my brother- oops! But he did really love the hat I knit him. It fit, was colors he likes (camel and olive), and only took me two days. Yes! No pic, unfortunately.

How about a cute pic of another finished object?

Goody's new orange and blue hat! Too, too adorable on the boy! He loves it, since orange is his favorite color these days.

Supper is calling my name. Rather, the kids' rumbly tummies must be filled. Pumpkin chocolate chip pancakes with bacon, maple sausage, and ambrosia on the side. Yummy!

Till then-G

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