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Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Swap Loot!

Lookie what the UPS man brought yesterday!

Swap loot!

My partner, Laurie (Sassyknitter) sent some wonderful goodies from North Carolina. Yummy coffee, chocolate, cocoa, cookies, pretzel balls... a journal, sheepy Post-its, cuticle cream (so needed right now!), point protectors, an adorable crow bag... and yarn! Yarn galore! 2 skeins of a black, tweedy Cascade 220, two skeins of Crystal Palace Musique in Moss, two sekins of Crystal Palace Fling in Roses, and a skein of Lang Pearl in a pretty purple shade. Love it all!

Here's a closer look at the yarn-

I'll have to make something for the girls with all that pretty yarn! The swap was fun again, and I will definitely try to get into it again.

Now, I must do some straightening up. Turkey Day is tomorrow (though the girls keep calling it Chicken Day), and my parents will be here in a few hours. Gotta spiff it up a bit! Hope everyone has a great holiday weekend!

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