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Sunday, November 12, 2006

Awash in a sea of suckitude...

Yeah, not feeling productive today. I made a nice brunch- veggie-full eggs, hash browns, bacon, fruit salad and coffee- but have puttered out since then. Partly because I am on potty duty. The twins are potty training, and are demanding an audience for their meager accomplishments. How fun. I also have housework staring at me, but I'm not motivated to do it. Blech.

On the project front-
*Lucy's hat- about 1/3 done. I just having picked it up as much this weekend. I hope to work on it more tonight.

*um, nothing else to report. I did decide on a gift project, and acquired the necessary yarn. It's to be a small felted bag. I got Patons Classic Merino in the Regency colorway, and Bernat Bling Bling in Moulin Rouge. The Patons is in oranges, pinks, and burgundy, and the Bernat is a furry, sparkly carry along yarn that matches perfectly. I'm thinking about beaded handles, or leather if the beaded seems like overkill. It'll be a fast knit after the hat is done.

I did have a nice day with Sophie yesterday. We shopped at a craft show, had lunch out, and got to listen to Kevin Henkes, a great children's author and illustrator, speak. He was awesome, and does such great work. The girls got to play in the snow, and had a great time.

Guess it isn't all that bad. Well, we see how the rest of the day goes!

Till then- G


Blogger Catherine said...

Hi Gretchen! I remember you from the Knitters' Coffee Swap and am so glad that you stopped to say "hello!" on my blog. I'm sure that you're no longer in a sea of suckitude...what's new over in Wonder of It All Land? :)

8:49 PM  

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