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Thursday, October 19, 2006

Why can't I write?

I don't know why I struggle to write. I post on message boards all the time, comment on blogs... just can't seem to write with any regularity. Well, here goes again!

*Knitting- I have a FO to report! A stripey blue and green hat for Goody. It's cute, fits him perfectly, and has tassels that he loves to shake around. Yay! Next up- a similar hat for each of the girls.

I also finished my very first sock! Cascade Fixation, simple stockinette sock. Now to start the other one...

I have lots of ideas for gift knitting- just need to figure out who gets my goodies!

*Family is great, though very tiring! Goody is climbing to rival any monkey, which is really annoying. The girls are great, and Soph is reading chapter books by herself- I can't believe she's so big!

More later- must write more often!


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