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Thursday, October 26, 2006

I've got the barfy blues...

Yeah, we've been a bit busy here. Barfy kids, blech. Poor kiddos caught a tummy bug, and we've had a few days of sick kids. With four, it seems to take a few days to get through it. My Sweet Man has had a general feeling of malaise, but I seemed to have escaped unharmed, though dead tired. Maybe this will be our dose of illness for the next few months- yeah right!

On the knitting/crafting front-

*FO- a cotton washcloth, that's been on the needles for months. It's finally done, and I might be making more for holiday giving.

*On the needles- Sadie's Sunset hat. It's a variegated chunky yarn in pinks, magenta and orange- the colors of a beautiful Kansas sunset. It's ready to be kitchnered and tassled. It matches the blue/green stripey hat for Goodwin. Next up is a Bluesy stripe for Lucy, followed by a blue/green/pink hat for Sophie. All tassled, all chunky yarn, all quick.

*Also on the needles- legwarmers for Soph. I have the first one about 1/3 done. It's mindless knitting to fall back on. The yarn is a heathered green Cascade 220 superwash carried along with Kinder in a blue/green/pink variegated colorway. They'll be dense and warm.

*Holiday knitting- TBD. I should be finding out who I get to craft for in the next few days. It might be a felted bag, washcloths and soap bag, hat/scarf combo... I'll decide when I get my name. I can't wait!

*Projects waiting in the wings- a cashmerino hat for myself, in teal and purple, my second sock ever, in Cascade Fixation, and a few felting projects.

Sewing projects- a few simple ones. I'm in a rush to finish Halloween costumes. I made a cute vest for Sophie's Lady Pirate costume, need to add zigzags to a shirt for Goody's Charlie Brown costume, kitty ears for Sadie, and a witch cape for Lucy. I also need to hem some valances for the living room- I'll try to do that tomorrow. I'm planning some simple projects for holiday gifts for the nephews and niece- maybe no-sew pillows, ear warmers... maybe some made up stuffies, or little totes. I have way more ideas than time!

My true goal for the next day or so is housecleaning- yippee. Need to de-germ everything, in preparation for houseguests. My folks are coming for a visit, which means dates with my sweetie!

Till then-G


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