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Saturday, November 17, 2007

Yep, still here!

Gosh, I am not great at writing! Definitely should work on that.

I have done a bit of knitting since I finished Soph's hat. I did a fast, soft hat for a friend's baby; alas, no pic taken! It was made from Berroco Pure Merino, in the colors of Teaberry and Ensign Blue. I made a tiny tassel for the top, and it is cute on the sweet baby. Next up- finishing Goodwin's hat. It's a multi-blue and orange, made from Softee-Chunky. It'll be quick, and I'll probably make him two, since I will have plenty of yarn left over. The second will most likely be orange and green, possibly in a pumpkin sort of way. Can you tell the boy likes orange?

Holiday knitting? To be determined. We should be doing our gift drawing on Thanksgiving, which is next week. Eeep! How did Turkey Day sneak up so fast? I can't wait for it, though. The food, the company, the babysitters... sigh. Yep, a few dates will be planned! Yay! Anyway, as far as holiday knitting- maybe some hats for the niece and nephews. If I get in gear, I could probably whip some out pretty fast. Must ask about color preferences soon!

Here's another of my coffee/yarn still life pics from this morning, just for fun.



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