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Monday, July 23, 2007

The Tour, the Tour...

Wow! Stage 15 was great! Vino sure "reached into his suitcase of courage" and "danced on his pedals" to get the stage win. What a great comeback from yesterday's disappointing ride.

Bob Roll has to have some of the best quotes on the Tour- he just used a great one-
"I don't remember the bible saying that Lazarus had schizophrenia!"
Where does Bob come up with such nuggets? He also said last week, upon seeing a neat display that was along the roadside-
"Wow- that is a lot of bikes on a giant crane. That..... is cool."

I will be missing the guys next week! How can it be so close to ending? Can we make them go around again? Or do it backwards? Please?

I do love that my man, the Chicken, Michael Rasmussen, still retains the maillot jaune! Woohoo!

Wisp continues. I'm not sure I'll be done by the time they roll into Paris, but I'm not after the Green Jersey, after all. Tomorrow is the last day in the mountains, and I plan on knitting as much as I can on that special day.

Till then-G

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