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Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Just a quick note...

So I've done three and a half repeats of my TdF KAL project. I mostly have it memorized, but was blindsided by a dropped stitch last night- ugh! Still, progress was made, beers were consumed, the Tour has been obsessively viewed... all is well.

I hope to finish the project by the end of the Tour. No abandoning here! I felt awful for Michael Rodgers the other day- the bruises covering his chest were horrible. I can't believe he rode on with a dislocated shoulder! And poor Stuart O'Grady! Broken ribs and a punctured lung? Owwww!

I am happy that my favorite climber, Mikael Rasmussen, is the leader! Way to go for the Chicken!

I'm still thinking about my wine cozy idea- I just can't decide on a color for it, and if I want it felted or not. Decisions, decisions!

Till then- G

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