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Thursday, July 12, 2007


Well, the Tour was exciting today! My brother will be saddened to hear his favorite, Vinokourov, went down hard. The road rash on his backside? Owie! His teammate, Kloden, went down as well. A rough first climbing day on the Tour. Hopefully they will both be back tomorrow.

Progress to report on my TdF KAL project, Wisp! With a new needle purchase, and staying up way too late (I felt it this morning!), I completed one full repeat of the pattern. Only 15 more to go! At least at this rate, if I do one repeat a day, I WILL earn my King of the Mountains jersey! YeeHaw! I'm even considering yarn for my wine cozy. Do I stay good, and use something from stash, or do I celebrate the Tour and feeling of joie de vivre, and splurge on new yarn? Hmmm. My LYS has the perfect new yarn, that's red, white and blue (named "Old Glory"), but suitable for a French flag reference.... or I could find some yellow to honor the maillot jaune.... choices, choices!

We've had a break in our sweltery weather, and nothing beats having a cool breeze sweep through the house in July. The kids had a great picnic and park outing yesterday, and will get some outdoor time today as well.

Till then- G

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Blogger Meg said...

you might win one of the random draws for the Tour KAL in which case perhaps you will win some suitable wine cozy yarn!
Otherwise I say splurge!

4:10 AM  

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