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Monday, January 07, 2008

Foggy, foggy day

We've had a couple of really foggy days here in Wisconsin. There was a terrible traffic accident yesterday not far from here: 100 cars involved, and 2 fatalities. I guess 35 inches of snow on the ground, coupled with temperatures in the 40s creates very dense, lingering fog. We'd better be careful what we wish for, as far as weather.

We drove in dense fog all across the state of Iowa a couple of weeks ago. It was tiring and frightening, but we were trying to get across the state en route to our families for the holidays, and wanted to beat the winter storm slated for the next day. We did indeed beat it- by hours only- but I have no desire to drive in fog that thick again any time soon. It was a relief to hit Council Bluffs and have it clear off. The strong winds when we finally stopped for the night, at York, Nebraska, were intense and bitterly cold. But at least the rest of our drive the next day was clear as crystal.

I long for the sun and strong winds to blow this fog away already! Better check on installation of a foghorn...


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