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Friday, July 18, 2008

Tour Progress

The Tour has had it's ups (Cavendish, anyone? Evans?) and downs (Ricco, you cheat!) this week. The sprint finish on Stage 12 was super exciting! I'm glad that Cavendish got the win, but I thought my QuickStep man Gert Steegmans had it- oh well!

I'm almost done with my main project, the French-flag market bag! It is a super easy knit- I can watch the Tour and knit- and I'm really happy with the striping. It's striping exactly as I wanted it to! Yay! I plan on finishing it tonight, so I can use it tomorrow at the farmer's market.

I'm thinking I might make more market bags, in kid-friendly colors for all of the kiddos. I have plenty of cotton yarns in kid-approved colors, so market bags for all!

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