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Thursday, July 03, 2008

So that didn't last long...

Gosh, I sure fell off the blogging wagon with a tremendous thump square on my behind. Ouch.

Anyway- new motivation! The Tour! I'm part of the Tour de France KAL again this year, and hope to do better both with the blogging and the knitting! Last year's project, Wisp, remains a UFO. Ahem. This year, instead of going for the Polka Dot jersey, like my favorite all time Tour rider, Richard Virenque, I've chosen the goal of just keeping up with the peloton in the maillot jaune category.

Also new this year- teams!

I'm part of Team QuickStep, or Team QuickStitch, as we're now known. Seems like a great bunch of gals to pal around the peloton for the duration. My project plans? I'm planning on knitting a lacy scarf, possibly the Branching Out scarf from Knitty, in a deep golden (maillot jaune) Silky Wool. I'm also going to knit a market bag from red, white and blue cotton yarn, much like the French flag. And possibly a beret, for osme French style along the way. Sounds like a lot, but I'm not going for the sprint win, so if it doesn't all happen, it's a-ok with me!

In other news... it's my Sweet Man's birthday today. He's been suitably gifted, and will be stuffed with cake (cream cheese cake) later tonight. Chicken fried steaks for supper, some good brews, and a low key day- sounds good to me!

Till then-

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Blogger Riggwelter said...

Good luck with your projects.
and happy birthday to your "sweet man"!

11:50 PM  

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